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For example, instead of recording movies and TV programs to watch from your home DVR, you can stream them through the cloud to your computer, TV, iPad or mobile phone.

Also with the cloud, rather than accessing office files only from your office PC, you can get a virtual image of your desktop on almost any computing device, whether at home or on the road.

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And these are real examples, not futuristic scenarios: 28 million people used global IPTV services inand 3 million people are already using virtual desktop infrastructure to work with applications and files they previously could use only at the office.

The cloud and the variety of devices we use to access it will change the way most of us live, work and play by, one, greatly accelerating the shift in control and power from technology providers to the people who use technology-based services and two, enabling richer digital experiences that will make richfront dienoraščio akcijų pasirinkimo sandoriai more valuable but less visible.

Tačiau maistas, kurį jis matydavo, buvo tik jo vaizduotės vaisius. Kviečiai buvo atimti per beširdišką rekvizavimo kampaniją, kuri pradėjo Europoje masinių žudynių erą. Buvo m. Tas mažasis berniukas mirė, kaip ir trys milijonai kitų žmonių. Taip ir atsitiko; jis buvo sušaudytas netrukus po jos ir juodu buvo palaidoti tarp septynių šimtų tūkstančių m.

People are already becoming accustomed to having more and more control over their digital experiences. Unlike those of us in the workforce today, what they watch has never been dictated by the schedule in TV Guide.

Similarly, we see a shift in user expectations taking root in our places of work: employees are choosing which technology solutions to use.

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Employees, not corporate IT departments, transformed instant messaging and the iPhone into enterprise productivity tools. Now, for most business trips, my iPad is the only device I carry.

People are not simply expecting more from their technology experience and gaining more control over the tools they use, but with the proliferation of public cloud services, they also now have the ability to get the IT services they want—without involving IT. Can you speed up and streamline our process for resolving customer support requests and complaints?

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The cloud is the greitai investuoti kripto stack that will allow such business solutions to be created and delivered on a massive, cheap scale.

But to the user, the cloud is about the solution, not the technology. This is the irony of good technology: while it becomes more important than ever in the digital service experience, it also becomes transparent and taken for granted.

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This is a wake-up call to technology providers, whether we are external IT partners or in-house IT groups: we have to deliver the benefits of technology-enabled solutions without the technology. But this is where many of us get off track.

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Putting technology first, however, means putting users second, which is the fast track to irrelevance. If we focus on the cloud as a technology stack, we risk missing the mark on developing it as a business solution and service experience. As technology providers, our goal for the cloud should be to make it seem technology-free. Only then will we be able to deliver the ultimate benefits of the cloud: a simple way for people to use information, productivity tools and entertainment services whenever, wherever and however they want.

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